Friday, 27 November 2015

27.11.15 Armando Guerra at Barbadillo

Bodegas Barbadillo, producers of almost half the wine of Sanlúcar, have appointed Armando Guerra to the newly created role known as director of “Alta Enología” or perhaps product development director.  In a press release the bodega said “he will dedicate himself to working with the range of old and special wines as well as the study of new wines which could complement the company’s current range. Well known in the wine trade for his work and experience in promoting Sherry and Manzanilla from the Taberna Er Guerrita, this 40 year old Sanluqueño will join a new professional project at one of the leading Sherry bodegas.”

Armando Guerra at Barbadillo (foto:elmundovino)
With no fewer than three relevant degrees, Armando is well qualified and has turned the bar established by his father into a reference point on the oenological map. He has put on all sorts of interesting tastings with immense enthusiasm, focussing particularly on innovative producers like Equipo Navazos, Willy Pérez and Ramiro Ibáñez, doing wonders in the process for the promotion and rebirth of Sherry. One of his new tasks will be to select exceptional butts from the oldest soleras and market them in the manner of Equipo Navazos and another is to propose new ideas in viticulture and winemaking like messrs. Pérez and Ibáñez. It is good to see Barbadillo joining other big bodegas with a growing interest in rebuilding Sherry, and hearty congratulations to them and to Armando.

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