Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bodegas: Miguel Guerra SL

Established as a business in Chiclana in the 1930s by Miguel Guerra Virtués, but winegrowers since 1850, this is still a family bodega. Miguel was an active and enterprising  man whose family had long owned some fine vineyards and run a firewood business with a warehouse in the Calle de la Plaza where a few butts of wine from the vineyard were always kept. The size of the vineyard and the amount of wine in his solera were gradually increasing in this warehouse where he also stored pine vine stakes nicknamed “palillos” (little sticks). Thus the name of his Fino came about.

Before long he bought another bodega in the Calle Jesús Nazareno where he concentrated on the wine side of the business, going on to acquire part of the famous Fino Sanitario solera which he added to his own Fino Palillo solera.  Sanitario belonged to the descendants of Juan de Diós Guerrero, great-grandfather of Miguel Guerra Guerrero.

In 1940 he bought another bodega in the Calle Mendaro. This bodega was built in 1880 and became the firm’s main bodega under the name Bodegas Miguel Guerra SL. Miguel passed on his skills and the business to his son, Miguel Guerra Guerrero who did the same for his son, Juan M Guerra Vélez, who is the sixth generation of the family to be making wine in Chiclana. Now thousands of butts of wine fill the bodegas and there is a large range of wines on offer:

Fino Palillo, Finito
Oloroso Gran reserva
Moscatel Naranja, Moscatel Oro, Moscatel de Pasa, Cream Tarugo
They also make White table wine and vinegar

Address: Calle Mendaro, 16, 11130 Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz
Telephone: (+34) 956 400 501
Visits? Yes, by arrangement

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