Saturday, 7 November 2015

Calendar of Events in Jerez 2016

Jerez Council has published its calendar of events for 2016 which are as follows. The Council has tried to provide events all year round to avoid the “seasonality” of tourism. You will notice quite a lot of motorcycle events as the circuit brings in a lot of visitors. Vinoble, which takes place biennially, is back and the Fiesta de la Bulería (a Flamenco style native to Jerez) has been extended to 3 days. Lola Flores was a famous actress and singer of whom there is a lovely statue in the Barrio San Miguel where she was born. Noches de Bohemia consist of musical evenings featuring various musical styles. Zambombas are large clay pots with drumskins on each end and played with a stick through one end providing an amazing sound and accompanied by Christmas songs (see post). The photograph in the poster is of the Palacio de los Ponce de León, an old and distinguished Jerez family. You can’t not visit Jerez in 2016; there’s always something interesting happening.

January – December: Flamenco
6-14 February: Carnival
19 Feb- 15 March: Festival de Jerez
20-27 March: Semana Santa
3 April: Superbike World Championship
11-17 April: Homage to Lola Flores
18-24 April: Moto GP Grand Prix Week
30 April – 7 May: Feria Del Caballo
29 May: Spanish Speed Championship (moto)
29-30 May: Vinoble (trade wine fair)
12 June: World Freestyle Championship (moto)
July and August: Noches de Bohemia y Viernes Flamenco
1-3 September: Fiesta de la Bulería
1-18 September: Fiestas de la Vendimia
13 September: European Day of the Horse
7-10 October: Festival San Dionisio Patrón
9 October: Ferrari Challenge
October: World Supebikes
7-13 November: Wine Tourism Week
16 November: Andalucía Flamenco Day
25 November – 6th January: Christmas in Jerez

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