Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Sandeman Character Medium-Dry Amontillado 17.5%

Deep amber with hints of brown, legs.
Attractive aroma of old wines in a bodega, the PX is noticeable and also that walnut Oloroso note, slightly savoury with hints of oak, not much Amontillado here though.
Genuinely medium-dry, not over sweetened, quite full bodied and serious with a gentle tang balancing the sweetness, notes of walnut and damp barrels, all the flavour of good Oloroso and PX yet has a dry finish and good length.
This is a really good Medium Dry Sherry, it has, as its name implies, Character. The tech specs are: 45 grams/litre sugars, 4.6 grams/litre total acidity, 5% PX, 95% Palomino. It is aged in small casks for about 9 years before the PX is added. The solera dates to 1895. Like the other Sandeman wines it is actually made by Zoilo Ruiz Mateos. While I very much enjoyed this wine, I feel that there is little if any Amontillado in it, it’s mostly Oloroso. If this is the case it only serves to reinforce the consumers misconception that Amontillado is medium. It won an IWC Gold though.

About £ 11-12 Available fairly widely, UK importer is Stevens Garnier

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