Saturday, 15 August 2015

15.8.15 First Half Sherry Sales

During the first half of this year sales of Sherry in Spain have risen by 8.38%. Sales in export markets of the traditional wines continue to fall but there has been an increase in VOS and VORS wines. The traditional markets have seen some serious drops: Germany down 16.06%, Britain down 6.24% and Holland down slightly at -0.86%. Taking Europe as a whole sales were 8,310,021 litres, down from last year’s 9,217,881, a fall of 9.85%.

The Asian market has seen a big increase, up 31.76% or 84,656 litres mainly from sales in Japan. Spain saw an increase from 6,253,535 last year to 6,777,580 this year. The total worldwide figure, however is down 2.35% in the first half.

Study of the figures by the Consejo reveals that a big impulse to the first half figures is the number of ferias: sales take a leap in March, April and May. Fino, Medium and Cream saw the largest increase in sales with Manzanilla slipping slightly.

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