Friday, 14 August 2015

14.8.15 Harvest Festval 2015

This year’s Fiesta de la Vendimia will be celebrated between the 1 and the 20 September. Those most Jerezano of passions will be at the centre of things: wine, Flamenco and horses, and it is the perfect time to also celebrate the Consejo’s 80th birthday.

San Ginés, the Consejo’s own bodega, was the scene of the presentation of this year’s more than ample programme of events, and it was attended by the media, the mayor and members of the organisation commission. Among the main collaborators in the fiesta are the bodegas, tabancos, rural and wine tourism entities and the equestrian organisations. The fiesta will cost the council very little as events are mostly organised by private enterprise. This is just as well, as Jerez is the most indebted council in Spain.

This is the longest, most event-packed Fiesta de la Vendimia ever, and is unmissable. For the events programme visit

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