Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Manzanilla en Rama Sacristía AB 15% saca junio 2014, Antonio Barbadillo Mateos

Fairly deep and very slightly dull strawy brassy gold with some legs.
Full on slightly saline beachy character, damp briny yeastiness coming through with a dry strawy scrubland note, damp barrels, seaweed, all sorts of coastal aromas yet not much oxidation or that more savoury Manzanilla Pasada smell. At this age it could be pasada but is fresher than that.
Starts full then relents, tangy, saline and bitter, almost a wild one but stops short - just. Intensely flavoured and complex with all sorts of nuances like membrillo, camomile, olive brine, bread dough and even a slight herbal note, just goes on and on.
This amazing wine is the "primera saca" for 2014 and one supposes/hopes there will be another - and something in the pipeline for 2015! This contrasts with what Antonio has said in the past, that he was going to do quarterly, seasonal sacas. Despite the label saying "Primera Saca" in 2010, there was only one that year, the first year. 2011 was the same story. Hopefully he will achieve the seasonal sacas soon, but it must be hard work doing what he is doing. Each saca is around 4,000-6,000 half bottles (except the Amontillado) and the wine is 8-10 years old. He started buying wine from Sanchez Ayala but has more recently moved to Francisco Yuste. As yet I'm not sure where this came from, but I suspect Yuste as it was contract bottled, and Sanchez Ayala have a bottling line. Anyway, if you can find it - BUY IT!
@ 15€ per half bottle in Spain. UK importer Ehrmanns

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  1. I enjoyed a bottle of the "Segunda saca" 2014 over lunch at Balbino's yesterday. Alas, I did not note the bottling code but as Paula says - highly recommended.