Thursday, 13 August 2015

13.8.15 New Ruta Website; Vintage Latest; Ruta Tabancos; World Venencia Record

The new Ruta del Vino y Brandy Marco de Jerez website is up and running. It is very impressive and using this site you can plan an amazing number of interesting escapades in Sherry country, and even book them. Every aspect of the area has been considered, from wildlife to cuisine, from horses to bodegas, from art to golf, from tastings to Flamenco. If you have ever considered visiting this lovely and fascinating part of the world, it has never been easier or more fun. The site is in Spanish, English and German. All you need to do is type into your browser and let it happen! 

The trade and the Consejo are still optimistic about the quality of the forthcoming harvest despite intense heatwaves and more forecast for next week. The hotter it is, the smaller the crop, yet so far it has not been dramatically reduced and is likely to be between 67 and 70 million kilos, unless the dreaded Levante wind appears which will certainly reduce the crop. The harvest commencement date looks like being the 20th August and everyone has their fingers crossed.

Another great idea is the Ruta de los Tabancos. You can pick up a leaflet at the Consejo or at the tourist office. Tabancos are the lovely old traditional bars with barrels of Sherry and tapas, and sometimes Flamenco. The leaflet gives a picture of each with details of what they offer, where they are and opening hours. These places have a wonderful atmosphere.

In Tokyo recently the world record for the highest number of people using a venencia at the same time was broken. It happened on the rooftop of a big store in Tokyo, Mitsukoshi de Nihonbashi, and 72 venenciadores recognised by the Consejo took part. Up till now the record has been held by 61 Andalusian venenciadores. All the participants were awarded diplomas. The event was organised by the Consejo and sponsored by González Byass, Barón, Hidalgo La Gitana and La Guita.

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