Sunday, 30 August 2015

30.8.15 Napoleon’s Sherry Fetches £25,000 at Auction

At Christies recently the Stewart Shaw collection of Napoleonic memorabilia went under the hammer on the bicentenary of Waterloo. Among many items from a lock of the hair of his favourite horse “Marengo” and one of his bicorn hats with a bullet hole to a portrait, there is a bottle of Sherry dated approximately 1810.

It is in an unopened hand-blown bottle bearing Napoleon’s initial surrounded by victor’s laurels and was found in a wicker basket in the Emperor’s carriage after he fled the battle on horseback. It is ullaged to eight inches from the cork but was catalogued with an estimate of £10-20,000, making the price it fetched one of the highest ever for a bottle of wine.

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