Sunday, 2 August 2015

Navazos Fino en Rama 15% Saca Mayo 2015, Equipo Navazos

Almost perfectly clear brassy gold with bright golden highlights and noticeable legs.
Slightly saline and quite zippy at first with traces of olive brine and straw and  a lot of damp yeastiness. There is a couple of unusual but interesting notes: wicker basket and a hint of malty ale, but also a distinct scrub-like flor bitterness. Quite unusual but certainly most attractive.
Remarkably similar to the nose, that damp yeastiness at first, a gentle tang and something of the beach followed by plenty of bitterness rounded off slightly by glycerol. It is pretty full flavoured and is not short of body while there is a kind of raw edginess which makes it exciting. Good length.
Produced and bottled at José Estévez in Jerez, this wine is five years old. It was first produced in October 2014 at the request of Bibendum Australia as a Jerez equivalent to the Manzanilla I Think and at a more affordable price and better availability than the La Bota series. Grapes came from the viña Cartera in the pago Añina and also from Macharnudo Alto. It was fermented in stainless steel, so is unlikely to be Valdespino, especially as not all the grapes came from Macharnudo. It could be Real Tesoro or more likely Tio Mateo. It certainly doesn't remind me of Valdespino.
£10.95 per half bottle at Drinkmonger Edinburgh. UK distributors Alliance Wine.

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