Sunday, 30 August 2015

Manzanilla Pasada en Rama Xixarito 15%, Bodegas Barón

Paleish flaxen gold with bright highlights, light legs.
Gentle bitterness, traces of wax and straw, almond and camomile, clean and polished with no rough edges and a nice balance between the floral and the bitter and only the slightest oak and autolytic notes.
Starts smooth before the bitter flor kicks in, still quite floral and round with fairly low acid, in fact it seems easy on the surface but has a definite serious side as well with the tangy bitterness of the flor. It doesn't display the full intensity of some Manzanillas Pasadas, but is super clean and smooth, and would be a brilliant wine to use to convert someone to Manzanilla.
This very old bodega in Sanlúcar (est. 1631) produces some excellent wines. The name Xixarito (pronounced "chicharito") is the nickname of José Rodriguez Jiménez who brought the bodega up to date. His sons José and Juan now run it and last year took a brave risk by introducing old wines never before marketed as well as a startlingly fresh and attractive presentation which was not a cheap investment. They really deserve for it to pay off. The Xixarito label represents all aspects of Sanlúcar life and more, and covers an up-market range of wines up to 15 years old. This wine is about 8 years old.
€9 ex bodega Not sure about UK prices but their importer is Morgenrot

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