Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Vieja Solera PX VORS 16%, Diez Merito/Paternina

Glass-tinting intense blacky brown to yellow rim, very viscous.
Deeply aromatic, lots of well sunned pasas, very fruity with notes of dried fig and date as well, then there's the phenolic side with hints of American oak, raw chocolate, coffee and caramel, all well integrated over time.
Very rich, unctuous and intense. The wine is nicely balanced between massive raisiny sweetness and the bitter phenolic feel of coffee, traces of chocolate and oak, giving it character and amazing length. It is pretty full bodied, but extremely elegant and nuanced.
A delicious wine which comes from the former Bertola bodegas (est. 1919). The must was fermented to about 9%/vol and then fortified to 16%, and the next 30 years were spent ageing, concentrating into this intense wine which has dried a little in all those years.
About 80 Euros in Spain, not available in the UK unfortunately.

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