Saturday, 13 September 2014

13.9.14 Harvest Figures 2014

Latest harvest figures from the Consejo Regulador show that the total yield was 66,122,375 kilos of grapes, 65% of which came from vineyards around Jerez. The next most important total was Sanlucar, with 11 milion kilos, then Trebujena with 8.4 million, Chipiona with 2.3 million, Chiclana with 1.2 million and El Puerto with 0.28 million.


Twenty-eight press houses crushed the grapes, half of these in the Jerez area. Chipiona had the highest sugar readings of 12.31 Beaume, but this is down to the fact that they leave the grapes on the vines a bit longer for the Moscatel. The lowest readings were in Rota with 10.73 and Chiclana with 10.88, but all comfortably above the Consejo’s required 10.5. The average was 11.77 Beaume.

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