Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Manzanilla La Macarena 15%, Lustau

Pale, almost lemony gold, light legs.
Big, soft and gentle, very yeasty, bread dough, no obvious autolysis, hints of salt, lots of fresh sea air, beach, characterful but very polished and refined.
Very dry, quite salty, lots of flor yet not over bitter, very gentle in fact, but it grows on the palate. An interesting wine in that it has a real feisty character restrained by very good manners. Soft, gentle, classy, tasty with a long clean yeasty finish. A well brought up Sanluqueño.
La Macarena is an old Luis Caballero brand launched in 1913 which has been dressed up the same as the Domecq brands Lustau bought in 2008. It is about 3 years old. The label used to feature a flamenco singer. Lustau produce two Manzanillas (excepting the Almacenistas), the other being Papirusa, which unlike Macarena is available in the UK.

La Macarena is a church in Sevilla dedicated to the Virgin Mary in which one can see the Virgin of Hope, venerated by bullfighters. (It is also the name of various flamenco singers, a dance and an irritating 90's song by Los del Rio, voted the world's no.1 one hit wonder). In 2013 Caballero launched a limited edition of Macarena with the original label to celebrate the brand's centenary.
It is now sold by another bodega: Elias Gonzalez Guzman of Sanlucar.

About 7 euros in Spain, but not available in the UK.

Lustau Label

Elias Gonzalez Guzman Label

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