Friday, 5 September 2014

Solera India 22%, Osborne

Looks old, deep blacky brown mahogany through yellow to trace green at rim, legs.
Very refined, quite sweet and quite spicy. Wonderfully elegant for a hefty sweet wine, with a very complex mixture of vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, raisin, earth, oak, old barrels, walnut, coffee and traces of Marmite, all so beautifully integrated it is hard to pick out individual notes - but very rewarding in the attempt!
Full, medium-dry and tangy. Lots of oak notes on the nose, yet the very little astringency on the palate is balanced out by the sweetness. Lovely texture and gently spicy, it is a real pleasure just to roll this wine round the tongue. It is all about balance, perfect balance. Long, lingering, complex finish. This wine is addictive! So much character.
This solera was established in 1922 and is situated, along with Osborne's other most precious old soleras in the bodega La Honda in El Puerto de Santa Maria. This wine has an average age of 25 years and consists of 80% oloroso and 20% PX blended at the start and aged as a blend. This ensures perfect seamless harmony. It is released in tiny quantities, for example this bottle was number 384 of only 566 released in 2013.
Sold in a 50cl bottle in Spain (I think Osborne are changing to this format for the very old wines) Available in the UK from Mr Lawrence Wine Merchants in London at £104 for the 75cl. Otherwise really hard to get. This price seems very high, but if you compare it with, say, Bordeaux, it seems cheap!

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