Thursday, 11 May 2017

11.5.17 Lustau Launches New White vermouth

After the success of their red vermouth, Bodegas Lustau yesterday launched a white partner for it. The ceremony was held on the 24th floor of Sevilla’s only skyscraper, the 40 storey Torre Sevilla, completed last year. The new vermouth is the result of the close collaboration of Lustau’s oenologist Sergio Martínez and their head distiller Fernando Pérez. Together they crafted a new secret formula based on dry, mineral, almondy Fino and sweet, floral, citric Moscatel along with nine botanicals which include gentian, camomile and of course, wormwood, all macerated separately. The result is golden in colour, light and refreshing with a notably bitter finish with strong Fino notes. The new vermouth is already available through the firm’s distribution network.

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