Wednesday, 5 September 2012

News from Jerez 4.9.12

Three items today:

Grupo Etevez has announced the completion of its 2012 harvest. Production is down on last year by about 20%, but the company, being the largest vineyard owner in the area, has still picked one sixth of the entire Jerez harvest.
The quality of grapes harvested is good, however, with good acidity and a Beaume reading of around 12 degrees. But the grapes are small due mainly to the drought, with rainfall being just under half the usual 700 l/m2. The company used pickers during the mornings and machines during the night in order to bring in the harvest in the best possible condition.

Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos insisted yesterday that the man who bought Nueva Rumasa from him, Angel de Cabo, give it back to him because he has not, in almost a year, fulfilled his promise to pay back shareholders.
Ruiz Mateos has also been trying to avoid appearing in a court case against him in Mallorca. After being detained in Madrid, flown to Palma and physically taken to court at the behest of the judge, he exercised his right not to declare in a case in which he is accused of fraud in connection with the purchase of a hotel in Mallorca. He has also accused the judge at the court in Palma of being  ”A demon, a criminal. She has no heart or feelings. She is a bug proud and arrogant.”  This may not help his case…

Jerez Town Council has launched an initiative to promote and improve the ambience of the Fiesta de la Vendimia to be held between the 11th and 16th of this month. Officials met with the leader of local businesses and have come up with 2 ideas. One is to promote local wines: a copa of Sherry and a tapa for 2.50 euros, and the other to promote Flamenco. 18 bars will be involved. Complementary to this will be the Rutas Flamenco y Vino. Details can be had from Looks wonderful! Meanwhile Fedejerez (the body which represents the bodegas) has agreed with the Consejo to display old Fiesta de la Vendimia posters from 1948 to 1985 in shop windows throughout the town centre. There will also be an exhibition of photographs about the vendimia by members of the Asociacion Fotografica San Dionisio at the Alcazar from tomorrow till the end of the month.

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