Monday, 19 March 2018

Vermut Antonio Pedro I 16%, Bodegas Yuste

Deep mahogany with coppery highlights.
Attractive balance of the Sherry with the botanicals and reasonably light, elegant and not as intense as some nor as apparently sweet, yet well rounded. There are notes of wormwood, naturally, and other bitter herbs as well as a hint of orange peel and slightly toasty savoury hints.
Sherry up front then the bitter herbs follow quickly through giving a nice bitter-sweet tension and great balance at  the same time. Its elegance gives one the choice of drinking it straight from the fridge or with ice and a slice. It is not too sweet and is quite fresh with a good long slightly bitter finish.
This classic and very complex Vermouth is made by macerating no fewer than 41 natural botanicals with old Sherry in ex Manzanilla Pasada butts. The botanicals include wormwood, gentian, elderflower, coriander, quinine and centaury. The brand name is interesting, and refers to the rather bizarre story of José Antonio Hurtado who, during the 1980s as Antonio Pedro, was a Spanish singer and actor who made a living by impersonating the great Mexican singer and actor Pedro Infante who had died in 1957.
12 euros, Er Guerrita

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