Thursday, 8 March 2018

Ponche Santa María 20%, Osborne

Chestnut brown fading to amber with coppery glints.
Distinct aromas of orange, both juice and peel and perhaps a hint of lemon, followed by herbal and spice notes predominantly cinnamon with hints of brown sugar and caramel. It is very fresh and light with a certain complexity and all is nicely integrated.
The sweetness has a certain viscosity which is cut by the citrus giving it a gentle tang which balances with caramel and herbal notes. It is light, clean and fresh with a lively fruity character with decent length and no cloying.
Made from selected spirits distilled at the firm's own distillery in Tomelloso and infused with fruits such as orange, plum, raisin and various spices like cinnamon, many in the form of essences  according to a secret formula. While all the formulas are secret, most Ponches taste fairly similar yet there are subtle differences. Unlike some, Osborne seem to be doing little to promote this product.
8 euros per litre, Roali

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