Sunday, 4 March 2018

Moscatel Pico Plata 15%, Bodegas Yuste

Deep mahogany fading to amber with coppery highlights.
Fresh, fruity and juicy with pronounced raisin and date character along with gentle and very slightly floral notes of honey, citrus, tea, oxidation along with a faint trace of oak and some age.
Viscous and very sweet yet as is usual with Moscatel, there is a decent level of acidity to freshen it up. It has that lovely tangy, super ripe fruitiness and pulpy texture from the sun dried grapes and is quite full yet it has a light, clean non-cloying finish which lasts. Good.
The grapes for this classic, full Moscatel come from the home of Sherry Moscatel: the sandy coastal vineyards of Chipiona. They are sun dried for a week or so and the wine is partially fermented before fortification and ageing in solera. It should not be mistaken for a Malaga Moscatel of the same name made by Malaga Virgen which, while delicious, is a little younger and not solera aged. The name Pico Plata translates as "silver beak" and there is a South American bird of that name, but here it refers to the original source of the grapes: a pago a little east of Chipiona. The brand was originally owned by Florido Hermanos but made and bottled for them by Domecq. Then, it was sold at a greater age: añejo. Florido was taken over by Pedro Romero and when they went bust Francisco Yuste bought various wines and brands along with that of Pico Plata. Some original (now very, very old) wine is now in the hands of Ramiro Ibañez and Willy Pérez who are selling it under the revived brand M Antonio de la Riva which they bought from Beam, then owners of Domecq who owned it. Anyway, while this is not the original añejo wine, it is very good.
14,20, Licores Corredera

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