Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Fino L&B 15%, Bodegas Lorente & Barba

A little deeper than some, bright brassy strawy gold with golden glints.
Deep and complex with lots of character. This is a Fino aged towards the limit with quite intense aromas of maturity; straw, hints of oxidation, bitter flor, sourdough, toasted bread, dry autumn leaves, the very smell of a bodega, blonde tobacco and hints of the Amontillado it could become. Lovely.
Full, clean and packed with flavour. It has a subtle balance between the bitterness of the flor - which must be pretty thin by now - with the roundness born only of maturity, a buttery hint of cabezuela and those tantalising hints of Amontillado. This wine has reached its moment, it is magnificent. A Sherry connoisseur's Fino.
This bodega is new on the scene but, as is the norm in Jerez, the producers have a long family history in the trade and the wines come from old soleras. Another novelty is the way they bottle the wine; instead of the usual system of blending the wine taken from each solera butt to achieve homogeneity, they bottle the wine from each butt separately and write on the label which butt the wine came from and which saca, even numbering the bottles individually. Now there is traceability for you! Within reason, no two bottles taste the same - and that is one thing that is so exciting about Sherry. They try to age the Fino to the limit of the flor and it has an average age of around twelve years in a 500 years  old bodega with perfect conditions which really helps. Naturally it is bottled en rama. This bottle was from the 2nd saca, butt no.7 and bottle number 125. Only about 225 bottles are taken from the butt at any one saca. The wine is sealed with a driven cork with the year of the saca (2016) printed on it.
14,50 euros, La Tienda del Jerez

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