Sunday, 25 March 2018

Cream Flor de Jerez 19%, Garvey

Very deep black-brown with ruby highlights fading through mahogany to amber at the rim.
Full and slightly tight with hints of oak and pronounced date, fig and raisin and hints of toffee and walnut. It doesn't smell particularly sweet but you know it will be from the dried fruit notes, yet there are also some drier toasted notes like a faint trace of coffee giving some complexity.
Quite a serious wine, rich and full bodied, and while the PX is the standout flavour, dominating the Oloroso, it is not excessively sweet, and there is a light fruity texture, all nicely balanced by a decent acidity. It has lots of walnut, dried fruit and a full backbone along with very good length.
After years under the yoke of Rumasa this historic old bodega was close to being lost. The oenologist, Luis Arroyo Felices, left to start Bodegas Arfe and large quantities of wine were sold off by the administrators to cover costs, but the recent acquisition by Fundador offers hope (though if the new website is anything to go by, it will take a while). At least they appointed the very able Salvador Real (ex Delgado Zuleta) as oenologist, and hopefully with sufficient funding he can restore the wines' reputation. 
8.50 euros, La Casa del Jerez

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