Saturday, 24 March 2018

Palo Cortado Monteagudo 19%, Delgado Zuleta

Bright chestnut to mahogany with coppery tints fading to amber.
There is a hint of umami along with a savoury, salty, very slightly bitter note from the flor one imagines, and a trace of olive followed by toasted nuts and a trace of autolised yeast. It has lots of character and could only really come from Sanlúcar. There is also some body with notes of walnut and a trace of caramel mingling with the oxidative notes.
Similar, smooth - despite a slightly higher level of acidity than a Jerez, yet not quite crisp - with that savoury umami note carrying through. It is salty with a hint of caramel giving a very slightly bitter-sweet note blending in with the nuts. This is good, fairly light but very tasty.
Monteagudo is the upmarket range from Delgado Zuleta, named after the Conde de Monteagudo who once owned the vineyards from which the grapes for this wine come. This fine Palo Cortado, which is very good value for money, has a good but short time under Sanlúcar flor before oxidation sets in and has a total of about 12-14 years of ageing in solera.
12,50, Licores Corredera

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