Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Table Wine Bodegas: Cuatro Ojos Wines

Olga Sánchez, Lucía Fuentes and Desirée Rodríguez began realising their dream of making wine with their first release in 2015. Now known as "Las Chicas del Moscatel", they met while studying viti-viniculture and now work from a 90 square metre bodega in the Las Salinas industrial estate in El Puerto de Santa María where they try to produce innovative wines in a completely artisan way, always looking for a gap in the market. So far total production is around 5,000 bottles but that is very likely to increase.

The 4 Ojos girls (L-R Olga, Lucia and Desiree)

Their first release was Contratiempo, a dry wine made from Moscatel grapes from the Blanquita vineyard in the pago Balbaína, something unusual as Moscatel is usually made into a sweet wine in the Marco de Jerez. It caught the attention of Ángel León, "the chef of the sea" who owns the triple Michelin star restaurant Aponiente and his team, which includes Lucía. In fact he asked them to make him a wine to be served exclusively in the restaurant; quite an honour.

The names of all their wines have a reason behind them. With Contratiempo it goes against the times and there is always some vinification problem, yet problems are overcome and the wine gets listings in the best restaurants. Molinero is also a Moscatel, but this time with 3 months on lees and is named after their tutor, Araceli Molinero. The other white is Desvelao which features 3 months under a veil of flor, hence the name. Then there is the red A Pulso, made with organic Syrah grapes from the vineyards of Hacienda Parrilla Alta, and innovatively, by carbonic maceration.

Other projects are always on the cards. They are thinking of a Tintilla de Rota, since Lucía comes from Rota, and even fortified wines, though for the time being they have many avenues still to explore with table wines.

Address: Calle Arquimedes, Nave 5
Pol. Ind. Salinas del Poniente
El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz

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