Thursday, 5 January 2017

Socaire N.V. 12.25%, Primitivo Collantes, Ramiro Ibáñez

Bright yellowy gold with golden highlights, legs.
Fresh and fairly full with lots of interesting nuances of apple, apricot, straw and mineral, and there is a dusty, chalky note as well as the faintest hints of salinity, Fino marzipan and oxidation which beautifully match the slightly tangy fruitiness. This certainly proves that Palomino can have character.
The wine is clean, dry and has plenty of flavour. The apple is more pronounced, appleskin perhaps, and there is a decent acidity and a certain weight. It has a slightly dusty texture with faint hints of dried herbs or scrub, a very clean finish and good length. It is a bit of a character.
This really interesting wine, which scored 90 Parker points, is a joint effort from Primitivo Collantes and Ramiro Ibáñez made from 100% Palomino grapes grown in albariza. It was fermented in used Fino butts and aged there for 24 months without flor, presumably in full butts, and is the kind of wine once exported before the days of fortification and soleras, simply known as "vino blanco". Primitivo and Ramiro have been exploring all the albarizas in depth in the search for the ones which would give the wine the most character. The wine has no DO and does not give a vintage on the label, but my guess is that it is from 2013 given that it was bottled in May 2016 and it has spent 2 years in butts. It was bottled by EMC3. The word "Socaire" means "lee" or the side sheltered from the wind.
12.50 euros from Er Guerrita

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