Wednesday, 18 January 2017

18.1.17 Nueva Rumasa Fraud Case; High Court Upholds Ban on BIB

A High Court judge has concluded his investigations into alleged fraud by Nueva Rumasa concerning the issue of bonds and has accordingly indicted fifteen people including the six sons of the late founder José María Ruiz Mateos, Zoilo, Pablo, Álvaro, Francisco Javier, José María and Alfonso along with Ángel de Cabo. The latter, who posted the highest bail in Spanish history (50 million euros), specialised in buying up and re-floating bankrupt companies through his firm Back in Business, and bought Nueva Rumasa. They are all accused of fraud, concealment of assets and money laundering.

Ruiz Mateos and his six sons (foto:diariodejerez)

Nueva Rumasa (NR) raised almost 340 million by offering investors good returns in the form of bonds on minimum 50,000 euro investments in the more high profile NR companies. At least 4,110 people invested but the majority never saw their money again as it was spirited away in other countries to achieve maximum opacity. NR had various divisions: food, distribution, wines and spirits and a chain of 18 hotels. In Jerez it owned Grupo Garvey which included the Complejo Bodeguero Bellavista, Zoilo Ruiz Mateos, Valdivia and Teresa Rivero.

The Manzanilla rebels have suffered another reverse in their campaign to legalise Bag in Box. The High Court of Andalucía has rejected their written request to have the ban overturned on the grounds that they were not represented. The court, however says its ruling was against the Junta’s decision to allow them, not the Manzanilleros. Last October the court decreed a “cautionary suspension” of the sale of BIB pending a final decision on the matter. This strengthens the hand of Fedejerez which made a legal appeal against the Junta’s decision to allow BIB in horeca which was rejected by a large majority at three Consejo plenaries.

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