Tuesday, 24 January 2017

24.1.17 Sherry Sales Grow Over 3% in Spain

In a local Ondaluz television interview yesterday, Consejo president Beltrán Domecq said that sales of Sherry had increased by between 3 and 4% in the last year. Globally around 50 million bottles were sold with 70% going for export. Spain is now the largest market. Spain and Britain between them account for about 50% of all sales, but he was disappointed that consumption in Spain is mostly Fino and Manzanilla and sales of other styles are practically non-existent despite there being such a large range of wines of the highest quality and very special characteristics.

A still from the interview (foto:andaluciainformacion)

To deal with this he called on the bodegas to increase spending on promotion of their own wines as in his view they are not spending enough. He expressed delight however that Sherry is in vogue which means that it is attracting new consumers in the important markets such as Britain. Nevertheless he lamented the fact that too many Sherries are being sold at a price below that which they merit.

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