Saturday, 28 January 2017

Manzanilla en rama 15%, Viña Callejuela

Bright strawy gold with golden highlights, legs.
Fresh ozone and marked aromas of flor, straw, salt, camomile, grass and dry scrubland. This smells so natural and coastal with a slightly wild unrestrained nature, yet there is depth to it with notes of rope and a gentle hint of lees and autolysis. It starts innocently enough and then just grows.
A gentle acidity along with fairly powerful bitter almond flor notes make it assertive and lively from the start and then the complexity kicks in. There is a strong influence of yeast both from the wine's surface and from the bottom of the butt giving light bitterness backed up by almost oily autolytic flavours heavily influenced by the adjacent sea. Real character and terrific length.
Bottled on the 25th November 2016, this superb wine is made from a careful selection of the most interesting butts in the Manzanilla solera and is bottled with no clarification whatsoever. The simple presentation belies its sheer complexity. If "en rama" means "raw" then this wine is the epitome of that; it is full of life and character and is definitely a wine for laying down for two to five years. Some was bottled with a special label for the local charity AFANAS to raise money to help people suffering from mental illness and their families
18.50 from Licores Corredera

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