Tuesday, 31 January 2017

31.1.17 Barbadillo Relaunch Old Treasures

Bodegas Barbadillo have relaunched their old brand Atamán, which has not been seen in over forty years. Atamán covers four traditional products, two wine-based and two spirit-based: vermouth and quina; ponche and cacao respectively. The brand was originally registered in 1943 and was discontinued in the mid-1970s as the tremendous popularity of these products waned.

In 2015 the firm established its “Departamento de Alta Enología” or specialist wine division, based on product innovation and headed by Armando Guerra of Taberna der Guerrita fame and a trained oenologist. Versos 1891was the department’s first launch followed by Manzanilla Pasada Pastora. A good many butts of the Atamán range have been relocated to what they call the “Espacio Atamán in the old Angioletti bodega, where they will begin the ageing of a new vermouth for larger scale production in the future, based on the original butts. Jerez has its own distinctive style of vermouth based on old Oloroso and spices.

One of the original labels (foto:todocoleccion)

Although made from a similar base to the vermouth, the bitterness of the quinine in the quina has become more concentrated over the passing years, and they have renamed it, partly humorously, “Inquina” (meaning aversion, dislike) almost as a warning. The vermouth and quina have been filled into demijohns which will stop them concentrating further and limited releases of 250 half bottles per season will be bottled from them. In the case of the ponche and the cacao, the extended ageing in butt has concentrated them much more than it would have done in bottle, so all stock has been bottled and will be released in tiny quantities of 80 and 40 half bottles respectively each season.

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