Monday, 23 January 2017

PX Tres Álamos 16%, Pedro Romero

Very deep blacky walnut through mahogany to amber at the rim, legs.
Sweet juicy sun dried pasas with notes of dried figs, black toffee and dates and the faintest hint of honey greet the nose followed by a certain well integrated complexity, but while there are not enough phenolic notes or depth of colour to presume it is of any great age, it is certainly good quality.
Intensely flavoured, very sweet and very smooth with a gentle refreshing acidity. It is at a point where it still retains youthful simpler fruity notes but it is developing more depth and complexity. There is a lot of highly caramelised toffee and early signs of black coffee. Good length, too.
This great family bodega, established in Sanlúcar in1860 went dramatically bust in 2012 and all the assets were sold off by the receivers. The soleras went to other bodegas, but wines already bottled are now rarely encountered. It is the rarity of this bottle rather than its age which accounts for the price, yet the wine is very good and almost justifies it, though it used to sell for more like 5 euros. The name refers to the vineyard the company once owned, Viña El Álamo.
25.00 euros per 50cl bottle from La Casa del Jerez

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