Friday, 13 January 2017

13.1.17 Jerez Events Calendar 2017

Jerez city council has released the 2017 calendar for official events. The mayor says they have tried to make tourism less seasonal as Jerez has all the resources for a wonderful tourist destination at any time of year, especially Flamenco, wine tourism, horses and gastronomy. Throughout most of the year there will be a Lola Flores theme culminating in an exhibition of her life. Lola was a great singer, dancer and actress, of whom her home town of Jerez, is very proud. There has been some controversy about the image on the Events Calendar poster which shows Cartujano horses on a beach, something Jerez does not have. There is no shortage of images of Jerez which could have been used instead, and people are remembering with amusement the “beach” the previous mayor wanted to install at the feria ground.

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