Thursday, 12 January 2017

12.1.17 Sherry and Champagne to be Twinned

Jerez and the Champagne capital Reims have a great deal in common, most especially their historic and world famous wines. It is not surprising therefore that these two important wine capitals have set out on the road to twinning with academic cooperation in viticultural research as the main topic of a visit by a delegation from the Institut Georges Chappaz for wine and vine research which is linked to Reims University.

Cesar Saldana greets Reims delegation at Consejo (foto:diariodejerez)

This will be the twelfth time Jerez has been twinned with another city but the respective city councils have yet to make a date to complete the process which this time is starting with the building of institutional relations in a series of meetings to promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration agreements. The French delegation wants to start with getting to know Cádiz University and the Consejo Regulador with whom they had a meeting yesterday at which César Saldaña gave them an introductory  talk on the history and production of Sherry. They then paid a visit to the bodegas of González Byass. Tomorrow they will attend an official reception offered by the mayor, Mamen Sánchez, before taking a stroll round the historic heart of Jerez, finishing with an evening of Flamenco.

On Friday the delegation will meet academics of Cádiz University to learn about the work of the Andalusian Centre for Vitivinicultural Research and to develop exchanges between students and professors of oenology as well as philosophy and letters. It is hoped that cooperation between the Reims and Jerez institutions can help in the search for solutions to some of the problems which confront the wine trade such as vine diseases and climate change. The experience of two very different wine regions could reach some interesting conclusions. Wine tourism is also on the agenda.

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