Friday, 5 February 2016

Manzanilla Gabriela Oro 15%, Sánchez Ayala

Brassy, strawy gold with bright reflections, legs.
Full attractive and complex, amazingly fresh with lots of salty olive-briney flor, slightest hints of esparto, cinnamon and umami, verging on pasada with a trace of autolysis, an almost cider note. Generous yet controlled and finely balanced, very Manzanilla.
Lovely. Bitter flor gives way to the fresh briney not quite fruity vinous character with beautifully balanced acidity keeping it fresh and very clean, then it mellows a little before it starts to build up to the flor-filled finale with a long dry slightly bitter and very satisfying finish.
Made with grapes from the firm's own vineyard Las Cañas in the Pago Balbaina and fermented with natural yeast at the vineyard. The mosto is transported to the bodega where it enters a solera with 9 criaderas and is aged for at least 6 years.
12.50 Euros

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