Monday, 15 February 2016

15.2.16 Consejo Wants Technical Reasons for BIB Rejection

The Junta knows that sooner or later the majority will have its way, and the majority in Jerez is against BIB for use in horeca or otherwise as has been clearly demonstrated three times at the Consejo. But the Junta will take its time in replying to the proposal to modify the text of the regulations in support of glass as the only authorised container which vetoes BIB without even mentioning it.

The Junta has written to the Consejo asking for sound technical reasons justifying the proposal to insist on glass. Given that BIB is hygienically sound, the question of image will no doubt surface – the bad image projected by the most basic BIBs used by the Sanlúcar rebels. Once the Junta receives a reply from the Consejo, and given that it accepts the proposal, it will be made public via official bulletins thus opening a period for argument.

BIB in action (foto:diariodejerez)

Without any doubt the rebels will present theirs which the Junta will have to deal with as quickly as possible, but which could delay things indefinitely, as happened when Fedejerez presented arguments about the draft decree for elections to the Consejos Reguladores in Andalucía, delaying them for nine months. There is yet another step which the Junta has decided to take, but which the Consejo considers unnecessary. According to sources in the Junta, Brussels will be consulted on the proposal to ensure that the change of text works and that it would not interfere with EU rules. Once all these hurdles have been cleared the Junta will be disposed to give the green light to the change of text, but would prefer to postpone it till after the Consejo elections scheduled for the end of April-beginning of May.

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