Tuesday, 9 February 2016

9.2.16 Tapateando! Pasarela Flamenca

The XX Festival de Jerez (26-29 February) has a new tapas route: Tapateando. Tabancos, restaurants and bars in the city centre will compete with tapas inspired by Flamenco served with a matching glass of Sherry. So far 16 have signed up with more expected:

Tabancos: Plateros, El Pasaje, Las Banderillas, El Telescopio, El Guitarrón, La Pandilla, San Pablo and La Bodeguita

Restaurant/Bars: Reíno de León, La Cruz Blanca, Cervecería Gorila, Bigote, Bar Cristina, Don Tapa, Tendido 6 and Bar Juanito.

And on the subject of Flamenco, from the 11-14 Feb the Pasarela Flamenca de Jerez takes place, sponsored by Mercedes Benz and at the bodegas of Gonzáz Byass. This is a spectacular fashion show, bursting with beauty and colour in all its Andalusian splendour.


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