Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Manzanilla Papirusa 15% Lustau

Bright pale strawy gold with noticeable legs.
Salty and almost cheese-like savouriness to the bitter flor edge and damp bread dough then some olive brine. All that and there is a background trace of tangy quince fruit. This is an interesting and forthcoming nose, but overall it is the savoury flor character which predominates.
Dry, saline soft - low acidity - fresh and still savoury. I wonder if there is an element of autolysis here as it is too complex for a standard Manzanilla Fina so it might be an older Manzanilla Pasada and the filtration has made it look younger. It is certainly a very polished and lovely wine with great length.
Delicious Manzanilla bottled in Sanlúcar at the Caballero bodegas there as part of the Solera Familiar range. In the picture the wine has a screwcap but in Spain it usually has a stopper cork, presumably because the Spanish are not keen on screwcaps. It received 92 from Parker and 94 from Peñín.
About 10 Euros

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