Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Manzanilla Fina 15%, Orleans Borbón

Bright, fairly pale strawy gold, light legs.
Briny like a wind-swept beach, notes of olive (manzanilla presumably!) and salinity with a slight rancio/savoury hint and traces of leafiness and membrillo before the flor bitterness comes through in a very slightly buttery form. It is constantly opening out with the various aromas coming together.
Clean, fresh and briny on entry then the leafy olive notes come through giving way to the bitterness of the flor, very dry with decent acidity but balanced. It needs time to open out but it is worth it. Decent length too.
Made from grapes from 40 year old vines grown in the Pago Balbaina. The solera has only three criaderas and the wine is about 5 years old. Only 2 sacas per year: spring and autumn, this one bottled in June 2015. I am presuming that this label is for the American market as it  has all the US labelling requirements and anyway the wine is sold as Torrebreva in Spain.
4,50 Euros per half bottle

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  1. Paula, nice to see this Manzanilla reviewed with its rather fetching label. I very much enjoyed it at El Espejo restaurant in Sanlucar this year albeit heavily marked up. Out of interest where did you source your bottle at that price?