Monday, 7 December 2015

7.12.15 Jerez Christmas Lights Switched On

1,204,816 Christmas lights were switched on yesterday by the mayor, Mamén Sánchez accompanied by the people chosen to be the Three Kings, one of whom is the Consejo’s own César Saldaña (Melchor). Given the poor state of the city’s finances, cheaper lighting had been installed at a saving of 36% on last year, while the use of LED bulbs means a 7 fold saving in energy costs, yet despite many misgivings it looks fantastic. A 20 metre Christmas tree stands in the Plaza del Arenal and a 5 metre tree in the Plaza de Abastos. The atmosphere is wonderful with strains of Flamenco and zambombas, seasonal sweetmeats and the aroma of Sherry on the breeze. Jerez is where to be at Christmas, taking it all in with a glass of Oloroso.

Looking down the Calle Larga from the Gallo Azul (foto:reporterosjerez)

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