Wednesday, 9 December 2015

9.12.15 Consejo Figures Jan-Oct 2015 - Styles

The BIB affair has made a dent in sales of Manzanilla on the home market where it is dominant –and Fino is growing. However much the bodegueros of Sanlúcar insist that the wine in BIB is the same as that in bottle, the statistics only show sales of wine in glass, and January to October sales of 5.4 million litres of Manzanilla are down 2%. Manzanilla is losing a little steam while Fino is growing. For the same period sales of Fino were a mere 2.3 million litres but showing growth of 18%. Looked at over the last twelve months, Manzanilla is down 1.6% and Fino is up 11.6%.

Total sales for the last twelve months show Fino as the best seller with sales of over 8 million litres and Manzanilla at under 7 million. In fact Manzanilla is in fourth place after Fino, Medium (8 million litres) and Cream (7.6 million). In fifth place is Pale Cream (2.5m litres) and sixth is PX at 1 million.

Oloroso stayed above 500,000 litres showing a very slight drop but Amontillado dropped from a similar figure to only 395,000 litres. Palo Cortado saw a modest rise to 72,273 litres.

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