Monday, 6 July 2015

Amontillado en Rama Cruz Vieja 17.5%, Bodegas Faustino Gonzalez

Bright light amber with orangey-gold highlights, legs.
Forthcoming and interesting. Lots of nuts: hazelnut and almond then a distinct dry scrub flor note and traces of oak and toasted bread. There is enough glycerol to balance that giving an attractive tension between the bitter and the sweet. Lots of character here, a bit of a walk on the wild side.
Up-front bitterness from flor and oak with a trace of tannin provide a nice crispness balanced by gentle glycerol. Quite intense yet light and racy with a hint of acidity, this keeps you on your toes - looking for more!. It would be a brilliant food wine: think Iberico pork, grouse, pheasant...
This excellent and characterful wine originates in the family firm's own Montealegre vineyard and was fermented in butt. It then spent 5 years under flor in the Fino solera of only 62 butts before being fortified and transferred to the 22 butt Amontillado solera established in 1926, where it spent at least a further 7 years ageing. It was bottled in May 2014. It will be available in the UK from from September 2015 approximately.
About £ 37 - and well worth it!

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