Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22.7.15 Chipiona Festival del Moscatel; Sherry in Top 20 World Wineries

For the 35th year the Moscatel Festival will take place in Chipiona between the 13th and 16th of August. It will begin with the pregón (opening speech) accompanied by a tasting of Moscatel served by venencia from the Cooperative Católico Agrícola at the Plaza Andalucía.

Next evening bodegas José Mellado Martín will be serving Moscatel by venencia at the plaza for the Carnival evening. The well-known group Ecos del Rocío will perform the following evening at the Colegio Príbcipe Felipe and there will be a tasting of Moscatel from César Florido, also served by venencia. The festival will end with an equestrian festival of the association of disabled children.

It is also announced that the Chipiona’s Semana Cultural Rocío Jurado will take place 24th-28th of August, and the singer Isabel Fayos will be taking part. Rocío was a great singer born in Chipiona, where most of the Moscatel found in the Sherry area comes from.

Last year's pregon (

 The International Association of Wine & Spirit Writers and Journalists have chosen this year’s list of the 100 best wineries in the world, and six Spanish bodegas feature in the top 20. As far as Sherry is concerned, Emilio Lustau are in 7th place and González Byass are in 11th place. The wineries were chosen based on the number of medals won in international competitions in 2014.

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