Wednesday, 15 July 2015

15.7.15 Seminar in Valladolid; "Uncorking Old Sherry"

Jerez academic José Luís Jiménez has been invited to participate in a seminar at the bodega Heredad de Urueña in Valladolid, home to the great wines of Ribera del Duero. The seminar, which has been held for a few years now, is organised by the Fundación Juan Díaz of the Junta and covers the culture of wine. It will be held in September.

This edition of the seminar will look into education and publicity in the bodega and the vineyard in Spain in the XIX century and there will be a complementary exhibition of early advertising. José Luís will be one of seven experts and his theme will be “A look at Sherry Over the Years.” Entrance is free, so if you can possibly be in Valladolid – and I can think of many good reasons to be there – this will be an excellent event.

José Luís has also sent me this wonderful 1805 caricature "Uncorking Old Sherry" by James Gillray, one of the great satirical artists in London of the late XVIII and early XIX centuries. It depicts the Prime Minister William Pitt in the House of Commons facing the Opposition who are represented as bottles. He is uncorking the bottle which contains the head of the liberal politician Sheridan, and froth flies in all directions expressing the latter’s excessive oratory.

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