Friday, 17 July 2015

17.7.15 Fedejerez Attacks Sanlúcar Mayor; Vodka Made from Sherry

After Victor Mora, the Mayor of Sanlúcar’s wholehearted support for “Manzanilla” in bag-in-box, (BIB) Fedejerez president Evaristo Babé has criticised his support for an illegal container saying that he might have been manipulated by a minority of producers. He publicly expressed his worry that the support, however well – intentioned, was given to producers who can only represent some 10% of all the Manzanilla produced, or 3% of all Sherry, rather than supporting the great majority which sustain employment, the raising of taxes and generation of wealth.

Babé said that BIB is manifestly illegal and should be prosecuted, and that he was worried that a public administration would support it. He also criticised the laxity of the Junta saying that neither the Consejo nor Fedejerez were aware of any prosecutions or sanctions despite numerous complaints by both organisations. He considers it “incomprehensible and unacceptable” that this lack of diligence has led to enormous judicial insecurity benefiting those who break the rules and hurting those who do not. The law is there to be obeyed and public administration has the obligation and responsibility to make sure it is obeyed.

Evaristo Babe (R) with Beltran Domecq

He further lamented the politicisation of the matter, saying that it is strictly a business matter and should be resolved by business. In no case should the council the Junta or the state be involved, “what kind of businessman acts like that? It would be inconceivable in Britain, Germany, Holland. With a mentality like that you can understand certain things…”

Williams & Humbert have launched a unique new vodka called “Abyssal”. Unlike most vodkas which are distilled from potatoes or cereals, this one is distilled from wine- Oloroso Sherry. It has taken three years of research to perfect it and it is distilled three times in the same traditional alembiques (copper pot stills) used to produce Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Gran Duque de Alba. The final spirit is 74%/vol and is incredibly pure.

Sold at 40%/vol, Abyssal recalls the Nordic legend of the Unicorn’s transformation into the Narwhal in the abyssal depths of the sea, and it is presented in a spherical black glass bottle resembling a black pearl. The silver plated label shows an image of the narwhal. The vodka is best consumed chilled but without ice or in cocktails. It is silky smooth with a trace of spice and makes a fantastic Bloody Mary.

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