Wednesday, 8 July 2015

8.7.15 Consejo Anniversary Celebrations; Tradicion CZ

On Friday the Consejo Regulador will begin its 80th anniversary celebrations with a tasting of fine Sherries at the Alcázar in Jerez. The wines, selected from samples submitted by the bodegas, have been bottled with a special label designed for the occasion. It consists of the logo of the 80th anniversary and shows the chalk markings on the butt which identify the style of wine it contains.

The Consejo also plans to present the selection of wines in Cáceres which is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2015, as well as Madrid and Barcelona two of the principal domestic markets for Sherry.

The programme of events marking the 80th anniversary will continue till the end of November and among the more important of them will be an exhibition which will examine the achievements of the Consejo in its 8 decades of history. It will be inaugurated on the 4th of September at the Claustros de Santo Domingo, which will also be the scene of the 80th anniversary gala. These two events will coincide with the Fiestas de la Vendimia.

Bodegas Tradición has announced that it is changing its trading name to Tradición CZ. The initials CZ stand for Cabeza de Aranda y Zarco, the name of the antecedents of the Rivero family who founded the oldest bodega in 1650 and which was sold in 1991.

Helena Rivero, president of Tradición CZ explains “As a result of the sell-off of the bodega, we decided in 1998 to create Bodegas Tradición. We had two objectives: the continuation of family business in the Sherry trade and the recuperation of traditional methods in the making of the wines and brandies of Jerez. Now we are proud to have added this sign of family identity.”

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