Monday, 14 December 2015

Manzanilla en rama Elías 15%, Elías González Guzmán

Pale to mid strawy gold with some legs.
Lots of fresh crisp flor with briny, beach-like salinity and a touch of bread dough and a slight note of dampness. All the correct Manzanilla characteristics with reasonable intensity and a certain depth.
Nice and bitter with a decent acidity, both of which give it some length. Bright and very fresh  with some intensity, the bitterness then rounds out leaving a clean briny finish. Good.
This is Manzanilla Elías bottled en rama. I am presuming the strength is 15% as there is no mention of it on the label - which is therefore, er, illegal... Still, the wine is above board even if the presentation lacks some sparkle - and sorry about the photo...
8.50 Euros

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