Saturday, 12 December 2015

12.12.15 Babé Re-elected Fedejerez President

At the final general assembly of Fedejerez this year Evaristo Babé has been re-elected president. In his speech to the organisation, which represents the vast majority of the bodegas, at a Christmas banquet held at the bodegas of Sánchez Romate, Evaristo thanked everyone for their support, despite having suggested he step down. He said that Fedejerez had developed in a spirit of optimism towards the future despite, with the exception of vinegar, sales being disappointing. He explained that there is great confidence in the future and that there are many ideas coming to the boil in the regeneration plan which Fedejerez is working on.

Evaristo babe (R) with Beltran Domecq

He mentioned the BIB rebels, saying that he had always been clear on the matter but they seemed to be losing direction, and he appealed for common sense to prevail and for them to reflect that this was not the way forward. He referred to the helplessness and frustration felt by the bodegas at the lack of diligence from the Junta to expedite sanctions on the rebels to avoid any further escalation of the matter. It is important that the rule of law is respected; agreements can be revised or not, but we cannot go forward if some follow the rules of the jungle without respecting the will of the majority.

On the subject of the arrival of Emperador, Babé who is also president of the Consejo Regulador for Brandy de Jerez, said that he had congratulated and welcomed Mr Tan because we recognise that this is good for Jerez, for the brands which, despite the crisis still maintain value to the companies. It is time to build the Brandy de Jerez brand so it will last and provide value to the bodegas which have been through such a crisis. The brand is an asset created by many people, and it is very satisfying to see that someone values it.

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