Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Amontillado VOS Baco Imperial 19.5%, Dios Baco

Amber, polished old mahogany fading through yellow to a hint of green at the rim, legs
Refined, tight nose with toasted almonds and hazelnuts mingling with the aromas of old barrels in a bodega. Not as apparently sweet as many, though there are gentle hints of sweetness, dried fruit and wood. It is a more serious nose than some, but with a most attractive deep old nutty core.
Quite intense flavour, dry with lots of nuts and wood, fairly tangy acidity and just enough glycerol to balance the wood tannins and give a really natural style. Some Amontillados seem really quite sweet but this one is drier than many so you can see exactly what is there, and it is a fairly lean, clean absolutely natural wine with great length and would be brilliant with food.
The solera is from the 1870's, and was bought along with others by Paez Morilla when they established Dios Baco in 1992, in some of the remaining old Palomino & Vergara bodegas. The VOS wines are a minimum of 20 years old, and this one tastes just so.
35 Euros in Spain. Not available in the UK, unfortunately.

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