Tuesday, 15 July 2014

15.7.14 Consejo to Open Visitor Centre

The Consejo Regulador is to open a visitor centre at its headquarters in Jerez.  The plan is to create an information and promotion centre, a place to start the wine tourism routes, where there will be tastings and seminars. Tourists will be able to learn how Sherry is made, its significance and how it should be drunk.

A promotional protocol has been signed between the Provincial government of Cadiz tourism department, Jerez council  and the Consejo whereby all tourism promotion will actively promote Sherry at provincial, national and foreign levels.

(Foto: Diario Jerez)
Present at the meeting held at the Consejo were the Mayor of Jerez, the chief of the provincial council, members of the Consejo and representatives of the various aspects of the Sherry trade. While the council and the Consejo have worked together before, what is needed is a common coordinated strategy. All parties are in complete agreement, as this is very important for local jobs.

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