Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Vermut Duque de Diano 15%, Bodega Genaro Cala

Deep blacky brown fading to amber at the rim.
At first the more bitter elements show, like wormwood and possibly gentian and there is a faint curry-like note before the PX and Oloroso make themselves apparent. It is quite intense and complex with a sweet edge and you can make out the PX, but all is harmonious.
Very slightly lighter on the palate than expected from the nose, but every bit as intense, and while it is fairly sweet it is not excessively so and thus well balanced and clean with a certain tang which also helps. It has a long, gently bitter and reasonably dry finish and is very well made.
While this vermouth has been available in bulk to local bars for some time, it was launched in bottle only at the start of 2016 with the new wave of popularity for vermouth. The title Duque de Diano was the obvious choice for a brand name as it once belonged to Genaro's family, which used to run the bodega Francisco de Cala. The base wines for this vermouth come from family stocks of Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso which are quite old with a little sobretabla blended in. The blend is then infused with a formula of 30 botanicals which took years to refine, and is of course secret, and aged in a solera of French oak barrels in a tiny bodega in Calle Jardinillo. It is a totally artisan vermouth made the old fashioned way.
10.70 De Albariza

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