Friday, 2 February 2018

2.2.18 González Byass Revives East Indies Wine

In past centuries wines were sent as ballast in ships as long sea journeys improved them.  Now González Byass are reviving the tradition known as “ida y vuelta” (return trip) or “vino mareado” (seasick wine). Return journeys to the East Indies were once quite common and could increase the value of the wine five-fold.  The bodega has selected two butts of exceptional Palo Cortado which will undertake the journey aboard a Spanish Navy sailing ship, the Juan Sebastian Elcano, which was launched in 1927 and is used to train sailors. It was named after the captain of the only surviving ship of Magellan’s first circumnavigation of the globe, the quincentenary of which will soon be celebrated, and GB is paying homage to this achievement. Magellan is known to have taken lots of Sherry on his voyage. The Juan Sebastian Elcano will set sail from Cádiz on 11 February. The wine, simply known as Palo Cortado XC, and which oenologist Antonio Flores describes as having “reached its peak and is one step from glory” will be bottled after its return.

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